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About Us

Vacation Home Property Management Services

Here at My 2nd Home LLC, Vacation Rental management, we understand what makes a vacation home right for our guests. We make it our business to find vacation rentals of the highest standard that go above and beyond our guest's expectations. By providing the finest in vacation rentals we can ensure that our guest's vacation is a success no matter which property they decide to stay in.

With over 18 years of personal Wyndham management, including general management, experience, and over 100 years with My 2nd Home's management team in place, we know what it takes to run a successful vacation rental management company. Providing quality homes, cleaned by quality employees, and providing quality customer and concierge service is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether you are renting with us or putting your rental in our hands as an owner you can be sure that you are working with the best.

Vacation Home Property Management Services

Ty and Pam owned timeshares, and Pam was the general manager of a Wyndham timeshare resort while Ty owned and operated multiple quick lubes. As the timeshare fees increased and availability decreased; they started searching for better travel options. They soon discovered they could have the clean, straightforward quality of a timeshare in locations wherever they needed, and not have to pay quarterly dues! So they sold their time shares, and over time, when it was time for Pam to take on a more regional role within the resort she managed, she had to choose between traveling nationwide for work, or staying close at home with her grandchildren. So she and Ty decided to start their own business managing vacation rentals.

Vacation Home Property Management Services

With Pam's experience in hospitality, the business has grown in leaps and bounds. They discovered that most vacation rental management companies come from a real estate background and have no knowledge of what it takes to operate a hospitality business. Pam knows that regulations to the vacation rental business are coming soon, so she insists on being ahead of the curve. This is why they have contracted with ALSCO for professionally leased and laundered linens. While most vacation rentals rely on their in-home washers and dryers, Pam knows from her training that only commercial washers reach temperatures hot enough to kill bacterias which can be brought into a rental home from guests traveling worldwide. Ty and Pam also discovered other homes created an unnecessary liability by leaving chemicals on site and within reach of guests’ and their children. As they began to manage homes which had previously been managed by other nightly rental management companies, they realized quickly that very few management companies had preventative maintenance programs in place, which Pam knows the importance of, to ensure the best condition of the property. Pam says, "Each property must have a baseline of cleanliness that must be brought back to after each guest stay. Straying from that baseline can cause long-term issues with a home that is unacceptable in hospitality standards and expectations."

Vacation Home Property Management Services

Pam's wealth of knowledge she has from her professional training, traveling to Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, and countless more places over her years as a manager for Wyndham is priceless for property owners and guests alike. She brings a unique set of skills to the industry of vacation rentals which can be a great asset for a property owner wanting the best results from their 2nd Home.


Meet The Team


Pam Isham

Pam has over 20 years of professional hospitality experience. When she’s outside of the office, she enjoys being with her best friend who happens to be her husband; and her amazing family. The best advice she’s been given is “Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move forward.” Her favorite vacation is being in the mountains, riding quads, and fishing. Her dream vacation is the Greek Isles. If Pam could invent a holiday it would be: Pay it Forward Day. She wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up. If she won the lottery she would donate the money to research for nerve repair/restoration to the inner ear. If Pam could be a superhero, she would be ‘The Cure’.....I would be able to wave my magic pen, write a prescription called Cured, then hand it to people who are plagued by cancer. I would stay with the young ones and be able to wipe this disease in all of its forms from the earth.


Ty Isham

Ty enjoys playing bass, writing novels, hunting, fishing and 4 wheeling. He has 35 years of customer service experience and is the awesome Co-founder of My 2nd Home. His favorite vacation is Hawaii and his dream vacation is enjoying time with family at a cabin in the mountains. He wanted to have a career as a musician and actor. He likes steak, the color blue and if he was a superhero he would be superman; helping people anonymously everywhere he goes.


Tyson Isham

Tyson has been with My 2nd Home for 5 years and in the hospitality industry for 7. When he’s not in the office he enjoys travel, boating, exploring and comedy! The best advice he’s been given is: “The happiness of your life, depends upon the quality of your thoughts” -Marcus Aurelius His favorite vacation is Tulum, Mexico and his dream vacation is moon base, watching the earth rise. If Tyson could invent a holiday, it would be Judgement- Free day. He wanted to be a paleontologist when he grew up. If Tyson could be a superhero, he would be Thor; to travel the universe always on a great adventure!


Monica Diaz

Monica has been in the hospitality industry for 14 years. With her experience in restaurants, timeshare resorts, large hotel brands; vacation rentals is an easy pick for her favorite niche in the industry. She received her BA in Marketing and Hospitality Management at Southern Utah University. Her and her husband are celebrating 10 years of marriage this year and are planning a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate. When she’s not in the office, you can find her in a dance or yoga studio, on the soccer field, or exploring the bike trails with her three children in sunny St. George. One of her favorite quotes: “That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but the ability to do has increased.”


Jason Koford

Jason has been with My 2nd Home for four months and has a lot of experience in real estate and customer service. When he’s not in the office he enjoys fishing, hiking and camping. The best advice he’s received is “Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life.” His favorite vacation is Oahu and his dream vacation is Tahiti! He wanted to be a dentist when he grew up because as a kid, he remembers his Dad always complaining about how much he paid the dentist. If he won the lottery, he would buy short term rentals, spend his life traveling to each one and renting them out when he wasn’t there. His favorite quote is “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute on them” - Seth Godin


Danielle Cull



Danielle is the newest employee to My 2nd Home family. She brings humor, professionalism and efficiency and we are very excited to have her on board. She enjoys video games and sports. The best advice she’s been given is "Smile, things can get worse." Her favorite vacation is Costa Rica and her dream vacation is “Mars, or I guess more likely Ireland.” When she grew up she wanted to be “a pegasus, at least I'm still magical and rare.” If she won the lottery she would buy a pegasus, or pay off my student loans. Her favorite color is sunshine yellow, she will always say yes to food and her favorite word is oxymoron.


Amy Burke


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